Sunday, March 13, 2011

Natalie's Take on Day One

Today was a pretty good day.

No really. Besides rushing to get to the airport on time, being forced to check in a bag and forgetting to use the bathroom before boarding, the day from start to finish was pretty fantastic.

The flight was interesting: we met a group from Rutgers Camden traveling to Guatemala to work on a service project for a class, building stoves. They, and many others, noticed and commented on our hard hats. Some guy told Sheel that he goes on vacation to avoid hard hats and yet we were bringing our hard hats on our vacation.

Quote of the day:
"Watch out for your hard hats, people's heads are softer." -- Continental Flight Attendant

(Scary...someone just broke a glass bottle outside. Herby was frightened.)

Monal says its time to sleep. Stay tuned for more details about the pump supplier meeting, Antigua weather, attractions and more...

<3 Nat ( & Sheeeeel)
P.S: Hi Mom


  1. Awesome! I am glad the team landed safely. Hopefully you found the food to be accommodating and the Black Cat to be nice. Are you in the Black Cat Hostel or Inn? Upload some pictures of the volcanoes you can see from Antigua! I wish I was there with you guys!

    Lastly, did Dave say up past his bed time?

  2. We are in Black Cat Inn. Last night we ate at a restaurant called "El Pena De Sol Latino". They had live music and amazing food! Too bad we were so full after our meal that we didn't have room to try their BEST DESSERT! Oh, we took the pump supplier out to dinner. It was fun.

    Black Cat Inn is nice...we just ordered some Guatemalan Breakfast. There is no hot water in the shower but the hot "tuuk" in NSCI will make up for it, hopefully.

    I do not think Dave stayed up past his bed time. And he did not sleep in either. :)

    We miss you too Brian!!! :)

  3. I'm glad they appreciated the hardhats. I guess they didn't fit in your bags? We usually stuff them with socks and underwear and things like that and tuck them in a corner of our suitcases when we travel. I should have mentioned that before you guys left. And interestingly, those Rutgers Camden people were part of the insurance mixup. They were referred to as the "Guatemala team from Rutgers"-as were we, so I actually ended up receiving all of their confirmations!