Sunday, March 13, 2011

Brian's 1st Post with a picture

With the travel team leaving this morning for NSCI, they now have limited access to internet for posting. Limited is a stretch since this depends if the Internet Cafe in NSCI has Internet. The plan is for this blog is for them to call me each night, tell me what is going on, what's up, the weather, how's the food, the mission they are trying to accomplish, how Dave is doing with the Tuuk, how cute the babies are, and many other funny but important travel team items. What I need from the readers of this blog are comments and questions! I want to be able to ask them questions from their valuable Guatemala members back home. I know you guys and girls are thinking of them! If you have great comments and questions, you will keep their morale high and then the project will be implemented! Just kidding. It does not happen that quickly. 

Anyways, moving beyond the introductory stuff, Monal was able to upload only this picture to the internet and I got a link. Sadly, her eyes are closed so she does not look the greatest in the picture. Gladly, everyone else is on their game, has their eyes open, and looks great! They surely make up for Monal's sleepiness. For background, this picture was taken in Antigua in the town's beautiful courtyard. I will post another update once I get a phone call from the travel team from NSCI and they will post updates if they can get internet!

Brian G.


  1. I suppose this question is for Monal: Can I steal this picture for the website? Maybe your smiling faces will incline more people to click through to this blog!

  2. For now, you can use it! There are many other pictures they took where Monal has her eyes open, but they did not upload properly.