Sunday, March 13, 2011

Leaving for NSCI soon...

So we were able to sign our "Purchase Order" with the supplier last night. We gave him an initial down-payment!  This is an important first step towards implementation. It will also help build community's trust for the success of the project. We were able to confirm many technical aspects about the electrical design, the surge protection system, the equipment that will be installed, and also the life span of the pumps we have selected. Over all, the travel team feels confident about our pump supplier and the design.

We all had a yummy breakfast this morning, and are now getting ready to leave for NSCI. We have stocked up on bottled water and some snacks and have Guatemalan phones for use. We are very curious to go to the community and find out about the progress made with the excavation work and buying supplies for construction. We hope to be out in the field starting tomorrow to construct the chambers. The students are very excited about this! Dave will be giving us brief lessons about structural design before we actually go out to the site!

We have to go check out soon and then about 3hours car ride to NSCI! Its going to be very pretty! The weather here is just perfect! :)

I don't know when I will be able to post again, hopefully we are able to find time to go to an internet cafe in NSCI. But if not, we will call Brian and he will update you guys! Come back to find out what the situation with chamber construction is! Come back to find out what the political situation in NSCI is! The real fun is about to begin! yay!

See you all later. Adios :)


P.S. We are trying to upload pictures but the internet seems to be really slow to allow us to do that. We will keep trying


  1. Enjoy the ride!

    If anyone has questions for the travel team, post them here and I will ask them when they call me.

  2. What is the weather like in Guatemala?

    Are there a lot of spring breakers in Guatemala?

  3. Answer to Bobby: Warm during the day, cold at night. No.