Monday, March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day .:) pt 1


Last night was pretty cold--not like New Jersey cold, colder, like (insert analogy here). I slept with a hat and scarf and 3 thick blankets and still ended up shivering. We all weren´t used to this kind of heat, even Monal and Herbert complained. Even so, this was the least of the intensity of today.

Pancakes for breakfast and then meeting with Maricio and Wilda, the new town architects. (Sheel wanted to insert a <3 here)Yes, we liked them a lot. Besides being really knowledgable about the basic designs, the architects knew specifically which materials would we need to buy and how to go about buying them. With his help, the materials have been bought and we feel comfortable leaving him to lead the community´s efforts in the pump station constructions.

  • Sheel: Mr. Health and Saftey
  • Monal: Mona
  • Herbert: Herby or Mr. Herbert or Loco
  • Natalie:Croch Master ( as in crochet... )
Lunch was good, pasta, eggs, guacamole and pan de agua.

Then, the climb ...

-(Nat) CM


  1. Hooray for Maricio and Wilda! What a relief after finding out that we no longer have a town engineer. Looking forward to more updates.


  2. Looks like you got some internet at the *internet* cafe! That's chill. And ask Angel to turn the heat on since it is cold.

  3. Too bad you don't have those hand warmers that Brian gave me (that I then put in my socks cause my feet were the cold part). You should also wear two layers of pants.

    Side question about EWB: Natalie, who has the Banquet invitations (the ones that are not with the students delivering)--the rest of the invites. Alicia doesn't have them or know where they are either.

    Yay for the architects and the nicknames!

  4. Also, we want pictures with the EWB-USA Rutgers shirts. You took them right??!!

  5. Yea, I'm so happy that you guys got advice from architects. Would they happen to know about piping as well? We needed to address the pressures in the pipes at high altitudes in our TAC comments.

    Bundle up! Its still cold in jerseyyy...I dunno if that makes you feel better lol.

  6. Nice nicknames! although Mona isn't very different from Monal.
    It must be annoying to have the weather change so much in one day, try not to get sick! Keep up the good work