Friday, March 11, 2011

9 Hours Till Departure

Hey, it’s my first blog post. Awesome. Do you know what else is awesome? There are only 9 hours until we depart from  Newark Liberty International Airport to Guatemala City. Everyone traveling is really excited, and if you know me, I can’t wait for the amazing food. They have this dish called the Tamale, which is corn or flour masa filled with anything imaginable wrapped in Plantain leaves. Here is a picture:
Anyway, back to the business.  Here are our goals for the week.

Goals For The Week
  • Water Committee – We have to ensure that everyone is on the same page confirm that chamber work will be complete after we leave. 
  • Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)-The Memorandum of Understanding, or official document regarding the project, must become finalized and resolved for all parties including the section regarding  thethe water meter issue. Also, we must confirm contributions from the new municipality and water committee.
  • Pipeline- We have to know how much pipeline needs to be repaired or replaced , who is going to be responsible for those jobs- the Municipality or Water Committee, and when the repairs will take place. If possible, we hope to take a pipeline walk and measure GPS points 
  • Chamber- Chambers must be constructed as much as possible and compared with our drawings. 
  • Plan about who will be the main contact person from the Water Committee and the Municipality
  • Get 90% of the Post Implementation report done!

These are all of the things that we hope to accomplish with this implementation trip, but we are especially going to need your help and feedback. We will be updating and checking this blog as much as possible, so post any questions you have or suggestions about what is going on or even a funny joke.



  1. Do you know about "very utz"? If not, that is your side mission. And you can't ask the travel team.

    And if you know that one, then find out "maltiosh"


  2. Chicken buses are so cool down there! My favorite though is if you listen in the morning, you'll hear "queso! queso!".