Saturday, January 9, 2016

Buenos Dias de la Ciudad de Guatemala!

Good morning everyone!

It's currently 6:48 AM here in Guatemala City and about half of our travel team is up after arriving at Patricia's Bed and Breakfast past midnight last night. The plane ride was quite turbulent, and our lift-off was delayed due to the plane being "too heavy". Fortunately, none of our checked bags were taken off the plane to lighten the load, and we landed in Guatemala City with applause.

Now that the sun is up, it is clear that Patricia's has quite a pretty garden outside of the guest house where our three rooms are. Unfortunately, it's been a noisy night. The birds here like playing in the garden, and some of their calls sound quite like humans screaming. Also, Patricia's bragged about its proximity to the airport, which is clear with the very loud sounds of planes lifting off every twenty minutes or so.

Patricia's Pretty Garden

The birds playing above us.

Breakfast starts at 7 AM, so I'm going to head there soon. Today's schedule is relatively relaxing before the real work begins. We'll head to Antigua at 9 AM and then spend the day exploring the city and buying the groceries we'll need for NSCI. 

Until next time, from a different city, adios!


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