Sunday, August 7, 2011

Photo Documentation of Site

Hi guys,

We took some photo documentation of the site, including the two chambers each of the upper and lower pump station, as well as the pipeline as it arrived for repairs. If you'd like to get to know the geography of the project better, then hopefully this will help and get you better acquainted.

Also, if you've ever read any of the post-implementation reports, you'll know that the hike is rigorous. Well, it is!



  1. I really enjoyed looking through all those pictures! Really good job on the labeling of the pictures. It brings back memories!

    Question - Are the dry and wet wells suppose to be that far apart?

    Question - Are the three pumps installed in the Lower Pump Station? I only saw two in any single picture.

    Question - Did the villagers carry the pipes down using ropes on the pipe, their back, and their heads?

    Question - Do you have videos too!?

  2. 1. Yes, I'm pretty sure that they are supposed to be that far, as far as the construction drawings showed.

    2. There are six pumps total in the Lower and Upper Pump Stations. I only got two in that picture, but I think I have proof of the other one also.

    3. The villagers used rope slings on their backs when it was only one person and put the ends on towels on their shoulders when there were two people. Natalie pointed out how heavy the pipes were at the Lower Pump station... Pretty heavy.

    4. Not many, I will take more!