Thursday, July 28, 2011

We're Back! ...With Pre-Trip Updates

We're back! Hope this hot summer has been well for all of you.

Hi I am travel-team-member Julian Modesto and welcome to our first blog update for the mouthful that is the Engineers Without Borders-USA Rutgers's Guatemala Project Committee Travel Team's Second Implementation Trip. Disclaimer: despite the strong engineering interest of this blog, forgive any writing fails in my posts; writing content isn't something which I practice often enough.

This is the first and maybe only pre-trip update because we leave this Saturday, July 30.  The trip itinerary is set (tentatively), my bags are packed (almost), and I'm stoked (completely) to be on my way!

Over the past few weeks, the Guatemala team has been in close contact with Nueva Santa Catarina Ixtahuacán, while simultaneously making our travel arrangements, all in preparation for the project-culminating Second Implementation Trip. The travel team and the community of NSCI are both ready to see this project complete and supply water to NSCI. However, our main concerns include tasks such as pipeline repair, supply payments and transportation, and other unfinished preparations that may delay implementation or detract from our success...

Nevertheless, we have chosen to travel. The purpose of this trip is to complete improvements to and commence start-up of the water supply system in NSCI. Sustainability is at the forefront of this project as well, so we will emphasize our operation and maintenance plan for the long term. We will be giving educational and general presentations in the schools and to the community.

The travel team includes three students and our two pro mentors:

  • Natalie Wright, Project Student Lead
  • Herbert Silva, Project Member and Translator
  • Julian Modesto, Project Member
  • Sandra Kutzing, P.E., Profesional Mentor (CDM)
  • David Tanzi, P.E., Profesional Mentor (CDM)

Hopefully I've provided you with a solid introduction into what we're up to and whet your appetite for more to come, so feel free to ask or even give suggestions in our open comments. Is your appetite whet? Are you excited? What would you do? What should we do? What do you want to know about implementation or our education program?


  1. I am very excited. What are you bringing from the USA that will make Guatemala more homely?

  2. My appetite is whetted!! hahaha

    Julian you are such a funny writer! Keep blogging :D

  3. Vamonos!!!

    Good question Brian! what I want to take wont fit in my luggage! hehe

  4. I really like the background on the blog! The blog was fun to read!
    @Herbert: I wonder what it is that won't fit in your luggage Herbert...hmmm

    And well besides that, you all are going to have such an awesome time in Guatemala...I think my favorite things when I am there are the beautiful mountains around you...the clouds that are so close and the night sky that is so is totally different from what we see over here. And if you guys go to Atitlan, it is amazing down there! I am so jealous you all are going! But have fun guys :)

  5. So excited for you guys! Make us proud and have fun =)

  6. Julian, this was very fun to read! It was silly, but informative, not too information dense. It's personable. Nice job! By the way, you might want to consider packing a jar of peanut butter in your suitcase, if it's not a carry on (because those get checked by air port security and you can't have any foods or liquids that are more than like 3oz). But, the point is that they don't have peanut butter anywhere else except the USA (and if they do have it, it's really expensive and you probably won't have time to buy it anyway), so if you like peanut butter, take it with you. Trust me. :)

  7. Godspeed! Can't wait to read the next blog :)